(CRP2)Projection Alarm Clock with Dual Alarm USB 0-100 Dimmer

2.Dual Alarm.
3.Dual USB Charging Port.
4.0-100 Dimmer.
5.Snooze Options.

Product description

* Easy project time on ceiling or wall (180° adjustable projector), projection time can be Horizontal flipping, 90° rotation and vertical flipping.
* Dual alarms let you and your family wakes up to buzzer on different time. 5-60 minutes snooze time optional.
* Dimmer: 0 to 100 brightness optional, projection image dimmer: Off - Dim - Bright optional.
* Dual USB phone charger ports let you charge two phones/tablet at the same time.
* 1.5 M cord let you easy get power, Reacher offers a 45-day money back guarantee, 18-month warranty.

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